General Printing Info

The cost for printing a poster is $30. By submitting a poster to this site, you agree to that charge on the index number provided
  • The poster paper is now 44" wide, and we do not have the equipment to trim posters.
  • Posters are printed in the order they are received.
  • During periods of high demand, it may take a day or longer for your poster to be printed. Please plan ahead.
  • Smaller file size posters print more quickly (the maximum size is 100M).
  • PDF format is preferred, especially if you create your poster on a Windows computer. In PowerPoint, choose 'Save As' - and then pick PDF format from the list of file format options.
  • We have exactly one poster printer—if it breaks unexpectedly, we will refer you to the campus print shop in the Commons.
  • After submitting, if you don't see the message 'Poster successfully submitted' - It didn't work. Try again and/or send us an email.
  • You'll receive an email at the address provided when your poster is printed with instructions on where to pick it up (typically LSS 447).

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Print time

Histogram of the number of hours between poster submission and printing for the last 9 months. The median print time is hours, and 95% of posters are printed within hours.